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Paris in the night an amazing city for a stroll

Paris in the night an amazing city for a stroll

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Paris in the night an amazing city for a stroll

After I deposit my luggage at my hotel between the Luxembourg Garden and the Montparnasse district, I go to dinner quickly because it was already late in the evening. To take a bit on the jetlag, I decide to take a walk and take pictures. There was nobody in the streets, in fact it was -5 -10 degrees celsius… I had taken just a small backpack for my camera and my lens, and a small tripod.

Paris is an amazing city for a stroll. Paris is a delight for photographers, as the city has so much variety and incredible architecture. I begin with the Rue de Rennes to the Louvre via the Pont des Arts. Then I returned to my hotel.










Movie “Paris rainy day strolling the streets”

Paris rainy day strolling the streets

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