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Amargosa Opera House and Hotel photography

About This Project

Amargosa Opera House and Hotel photography

Series of photographs of Amargosa Opera House and Hotel,  located in Death Valley Junction, in eastern Inyo County, California near Death Valley National Park.

There is something spooky about Amargosa Opera House and Hotel. A host of Las Vegas paranormal groups will be conducting a joint investigation on May 5, 2012 to figure out what exactly is causing this “spookiness”.

The opera house and the hotel were constructed in the 1920s by the Pacific Borax Mining company, who built the town to accommodate its mine workers. Since the late 60’s, the property has been owned by Ms. Marta Becket, a brilliantly talented, free-spirited artist and dancer. The Opera House’s walls are adorned with years of Marta Becket’s blood, sweat and tears as are the walls of some of the hotel rooms, lobby, dining room, foyer, etc. It is an art gallery as much as it is a hotel and opera house.

A tragedy did occur in one of the employee houses behind the property in the 1960s. Sadly, a young female child in a bathtub was left unattended and drowned.

Mystery in Hotel Amargosa Opera House haunted

Mystery in Hotel Amargosa Opera House haunted


April 11, 2016